World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day was firstly founded in 1977. It was founded by the society called the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS). In 1978, it was encoded by the International Vegetarian Union. World vegetarian day is celebrated on October 1st in every year. The reason for the celebration of this day is to create awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism. Also, it encourages non-vegetarians to become vegetarian.

World Vegetarian Day is the 1st of October and World Vegan Day is the 1st of November.

One month period within the October 1st to November 1st is called as Vegetarian Awareness Month.

A vegetarian is an individual who does not eat meat or animal food. Thus, their diet is mainly filled with fruits and vegetables, mostly the food items that come from plants.

Different individuals have different reasons to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle like their personal thoughts to avoid animal killing, health reasons, cultural and religion issues.

India is ranked as first in the world with 38% of the total population being vegetarians. Vegetarianism became more popular after the introduction of Buddhism and Jainism around 6th Century BC.

Vegetarianism is also popular in Israel, Taiwan and Italy.

The modern vegetarianism history in Sri Lanka was begun, one hundred years ago. In 1902, the oldest vegetarian literature was available.

One of the unforgettable and memorable names in the vegetarianism history in Sri Lanka is that of Dr.E.W.Adikaram. He established the Sri Lanka Vegetarian Society in 1982 at Colombo area. Then, other branches were started by the same name in Matara also.

Vegetarianism is not a diet. It’s not a phase. It’s a permanent life style. Keep your vegetarianism, Being healthy.




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