Entrepreneur Club


Actively seek to gain connections into entrepreneurial opportunities through internships or professional advice and experience. Provide the opportunity for students to learn from those who have already gone through an entrepreneurial startup. Help someone in the University community to accomplish the desire of starting or creating a startup.


For the betterment of entrepreneurs to learn the attributes, gain experience, inculcate the knowledge, develop skills, establish a program for creative thinking, develop ideas, connect with like-minded people, and take advantage of the many resources available.

Membership Categories

  1. Students who are currently studying in the Wayamba University
  2. Former students of Wayamba University
  3. Staff Members of Wayamba University
  4. Product developers of Wayamba University

Director Board

President – H.U.K.D.Z. Rajapakse

Secretary – W.C.S. Fernando

Vice President – D.S.T. Kumarage

Director Finance Senior- Dr. J. M. K. J. K. Premarathne

Director Finance Junior – P.G.T. Randika

Assistant Secretary – P.P Weerasinghe

Director regulatory affairs- H. H.K.P. Wijerathne

Director procurement – J.A.N.L Madhusanka

Director administration – R.M.D.P Rathnayaka

Director Research and Development- K.G.D. Kaushalya

Director Mass Communication- K.M.P.M. Kulathunga

Director of Public Relation – V.S.B. Witharana

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