Department of  Livestock and Avian Sciences

Together with the improvement in the standards of living in developing countries, the demand for livestock products has increased dramatically in recent years.  This trend is expected to continue such that by the year 2020 the value of animal products will be equal to those from all crops. 

Sri Lanka has shown, for example, by more than 600% growth in poultry meat consumption over the last 15 years.  Clearly, there will be an increasing demand for trained personnel to serve in the animal production sector, both locally and abroad.  Such demands will be not only for primary animal production at farm level but in areas such as post-harvest handling and processing, aspects in which skills are presently lacking in Sri Lanka.  These areas include the primary and further processing of milk and meat, good manufacturing practices, quality control and inspection, packaging, storage and transport. 

There are several animal-related technologies such as animal feed manufacture and hide & skin technology in which there are no properly trained personnel available at present. In addition, the students will be exposed to the skills, knowledge and experience of scientists available in Research Institutes, Government departments, other universities and the livestock industry to supplement the teaching.  Since the university is located in an area with a high concentration of livestock farms, a strong outreach program will be developed to benefit both farmers and students.


Vision of the Department:

The vision of the Department is to evolve and establish as a nationally recognized leader in education, training and research in animals, their products, impact on the society and environment.

Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of Livestock & Avian Science is to guide, educate, facilitate and develop students with life skills and knowledge to become leaders and responsible citizens who can serve the public and the people who produce animals and animal products.

Head’s Message

Mr. WADV Weerathilake

Department of Livestock and Avian Sciences,  Faculty of Livestock Fisheries and Nutrition, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Makandura, Gonawila (NWP), Sri Lanka

The Livestock & Avian Science Department at Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition invites you to get to know our outstanding faculty and staff and current students to become familiar with our diverse programs in the animal sciences. Our departmental programs integrate science, practice and innovation to serve the immediate needs of animal industries.

Our commitment is to educate and prepare students for productive and gratifying careers in animal production and the diverse areas of animal business and industry. The Department offers a range of programmes including cattle, poultry, swine, sheep, companion animals, micro livestock, laboratory animals, zoo animals, sustainable animal production, animal product processing and quality assurance to meet the requirement of the industry and stakeholders. Our students have been well accepted in their job profiles and have consistently exceeded expectations of the corporate world.

Our goal is to assist achieving sustained economic growth in the country through animals and animal products. If you like to assist transforming country’s economy and quality of life, I welcome you to be a part of our journey and we can help you to achieve your goals.