“Food Diary “

Food is simply identified as a necessity for humans. Right food, at the right time, in the right portions will ensure a healthy life for us.

Food gives people identity; it gives cultures a uniqueness. It also symbolizes special occasions. Food is the way we express our emotions, though we don’t notice it as a huge part of our lives.

Did you know???

There are specific days assigned to celebrate commemorate, or acknowledge certain types of foods, dishes and eating patterns in the world.

Join us to explore more about these days and these foods.

January  16th = International Hot & Spice food Day

                 18th = International Cheese Day

February   08th = International Pizza Day

March   09th = Meatball Day

April  17th = Molbec Day

May  13th = International Hummus Day

          28th = International Hamburger Day

June  01st = World Milk Day

          18th = International Sushi Day

July          07th = World Chocolate Day

August First Friday   = International Beer Day

September         7th  = National Salami Day

October              01st =     World Vegetarian Day

                                             International Coffee Day

                              16th = World Food Day

November  01st = World Vegan Day

December  15th = International Tea Day

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