The Department-level Development proposal submitted on Enhancing Higher Education for World of Work: An Emotionally Intelligent Nutrition Graduate by the Department of Applied Nutrition for a competitive World Bank grant under the AHEAD project has qualified to proceed and approved on 28th August 2019.

The overall objective of the proposed development project is to strengthen academic and socio-emotional skills and English Language competency of the students to produce an emotionally intelligent nutrition graduate for the world of work. The project has identified five main activities to support the aforementioned objective with the following specific objectives;

Activity 1 (“Nutri-Cloud”) To create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for OBE-LCT
Activity 2 (“Nutri-Well”) To develop career-related technical and socio-emotional skills of undergraduates
Activity 3 (“Nu-Res”) To strengthen the capacity of DAN to emerge as a food and nutrition research hub
Activity 4 (“Nutri-Supp”) To facilitate a conducive and holistic learning experience at DAN
Activity 5 (“Glob-Link”) To equip students with essential skills in the English language for effective academics and workplace communications