Activities of FQAC

FQAC establishes its own internal policies and procedures for quality assurance: including

(1) Curriculum revision

(2) Continuous improvement in programme delivery

(3) Student assessment

(4) Student and peer evaluation of teaching

(5) Monitoring of key performance indicators such as research output

(6) Develop operational procedures with respect to governance and management.

FQAC arranges workshops, awareness programmes, seminars and training programmes to students, academic and non-academic staff members of the faculty to enhance the quality of the education.

Preparation of survey forms to get feedback from students, staff, stakeholders, etc., related to quality assurance and based on the outcome of surveys FQAC shall submits recommendations to the Faculty Board to continuously improve the quality.

The FQAC shall facilitate and promote the sharing of good practices followed in other faculties/institutes.

The FQAC shall prepare QA-related guidelines, manuals and evaluation forms for the Faculty usage.

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