facilities of the Department of Aquaculture & fisheries

Being the one and only academic institution, which maintains numerous culture ponds for rearing fish and other edible fauna along with an outdoor research hut and a hatchery within a space of 0.75 ha, department facilitate impressive opportunities to the students to conduct field research and experimental works

A consortium of aquaria consisting with a diversified collection of ornamental plants and fish provide an ample opportunities to the students to fulfill and enhance their learning and experimental needs

Department possess fully equipped laboratories including a newly constructed one which is capable of providing teaching and experimental facilities for 45 students together at once and a newly constructed pathobiology laboratory with advanced experimental facilities. Along with the laboratories, department maintains a separate specimen preparation room and a sample storage room.

With the purpose of facilitating effective teaching and learning, DAF maintains a large seminar room equipped with novel technologies such as smart boards and sound system, a special student lecture room (student centred learning based) with novel octagonal tables which are supplied with 03 computers per table with internet and a discussion room facilitated with free internet (Wi-Fi). (This is in addition to the several lecture theaters maintained by the faculty).

Competing with the growing needs of the field of Aquaculture, Fisheries and related subjects, DAF is in a position to extend its resources via constructing further laboratories, lecture rooms and staff rooms to expand the teaching learning process of the department.

In addition to the in-house teaching and learning process, DAF facilitate numerous field visits and out bound training to the students to expertise different experimental works and to expose them to the real applicable world including a cruise tour to get real sea experience.

In addition to the facilities available at the university, students are provided with facilities at NAQDA – Rambodagalla & Dambulla stations; NARA; Fisheries Station – Pambala; NIFNE and several other renowned research & academic institutions in the island with the purpose of cratering advanced competitive knowledge to the students.

A fully updated website dedicated for current and prospective students, staff and general public interested in environment management, aquaculture & fisheries is managed by the department along with a Learning management System (LMS) to facilitate e- learning for the students.

Department facilitate both the physical and human resources to encourage the students to develop their e-portfolios and network them with the job market to enhance the employment opportunities for the students

No Facility Facility description
01 Aquaculture farm facility and living laboratories

Earthen food fish culture ponds

Experimental earthen ponds for research

Aquarium fish culture unit

Ornamental plant culture unit

Indoor hydroponics culture system

All male Tilapia breeding hatchery

Open space research hut

02 Laboratories

Well-equipped Aquaculture Laboratory

Pathobiology Laboratory

Fish Product development laboratory (to be equipped)

Two Research laboratories (to be equipped)

03 Lecture halls

Department special lecture hall No 1 equipped with smart board and Wi-Fi facility

Hexagonal discussion tables


Lecture hall No 02 ( to be furnished)

Seminar Hall (to be furnished)

04 Research students room To be furnished
05 Aquaculture mini library Reading materials available for lending for specializing students
06 Staff working space Separate working space available for academic nonacademic staff
07 General office Well-functioning office
08 Research, Invention and Innovation facility Facility and ideas available for student research, invention and innovation